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by Cy Dune

After Just Kids

This came up at the end of the Just Kids video I made and I thought it was kind of awesome.


CY DUNE Sept 2013 Hopscotch Tour

by Cy Dune

Cy Dune Sept 2013 Tour

Sept 3 – NYC / Pianos with MEMs (Greg Saunier, Ofir Gannon, Greg Albert,Eliot Krimsk)
Sept 4 – Richmond, VA / Balliceaux w/ Descendents of the Sun (ft Reggie from Bon Iver)
Sept 5 – Raleigh, NC / Hopscotch Festival 
Sept 6 – Hopscotch  / Band Dialogue 1
Sept 7 – Hopscotch / Pour House with Pissed Jeans
Sept 8 – Asheville / Apothecary Gallery with Morbids
Sept 9 – Harrisonburg, VA (JMU) / Clementine Cafe w/ Norwegian Arms and Jamaican Queens
Sept 10 – Williamsburg, BK / Secret Venue w/ Cy Dune 40 Drums

This will be a quartet tour w/

Greg Fox // Drums

Andrew Barker // Drums

Tim Dahl // Bass

Performed new piece NO STORY at Ecstatic Summer NYC

by Cy Dune

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This took place at the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center as part of the River to River Festival and Ecstatic Summer Festival in NYC, presented by Brookfield Arts.

Ecstatic Summer curated the concept of commissioning 7 new pieces written for percussion or brass ensembles.   The music was incredible! Pieces by Greg Saunier, Dave Douglas, Susie Ibarra, Holly Herndon, People Get Ready, and Son Lux!

I wrote a piece for percussion – 16 drums, 6 table tennis players, and 2 air horns.

The main percussion was by the incredible percussion ensemble Mantra!!! Also featuring drum kit performances by Andrew Barker and Greg Fox.

And epic table tennis performances by SPiN pros, NYU players, and the AACCT !!!! Thanks to SPiN NYC for donating the ping pong tables and hosting the after party.

Thanks again to all that participated and to Ecstatic NYC! Was a truly inspiring event!

No Recognize Cassette out on Burger Records!!!!

by Cy Dune


New Cassette out on the futurist garage so cal label Burger Records!

Check them out HERE ——>

people/s sounds


Cy Dune Playing Hopscotch Fest 2013 w/ John Cale + Pissed Jeans

by Cy Dune

So excited to be playing Hopscotch 2013 !!!!!More info on the touring band and tour dates soon. But for now, check out the amazing lineup and pick up some tickets here:

Yellin Video Premiers on Noisey / Vice !!!

by Cy Dune

New video for Yellin’ premiered on Vice’s Noisey Site this week – Check it   <<<< H E R E >>>>>

” His squealing psych riffs smack with the immediacy of a water-balloon to the dome, while the clip’s montage of cathartic wreckage seems to say “It’s Friday, go break some shit.”

Thanks Vice

CY DUNE 40 Drums at SXSW

by Cy Dune


Here is an amazingly positive write-up with photos from Friend/Music Lover/underwater cave photographer/Coffee Guru Anthony Rue about the Cy Dune 40 Drum piece at SXSW:

SXSW Postmortem: Cy Dune. I’m not sure what I expected at SXSW, but I know I didn’t walk into the event thinking it was about finding every possible way to saturate and extend branding as a means of replacing recorded media sales revenue. Yes, there was the Doritos stage, a sixty foot tall simulacrum of a chips vending machine where interchangeable hip hop stars performed from the vending slot. There was Andrew WK at the Vice party, sponsored by non-gender specific post-coital genital wipes. But even in the lower tiers, where new bands struggled for attention, the vibe often felt more about how to position your rock/pop/hip hop self in close enough proximity to a brand/blog/name to be able to synthesize sales. Of something. It’s not new to the world of pop music. Elvis sold baking powder and flour. I hope Mad Men renews for enough series that we get to see a seventy five-year old Don Draper doing coke with Wayne Coyne in the bathroom of HypeHotel as they sign a deal for the Flaming Lips to shill for Hyundai as a book-end for his failure to sign the Rolling Stones in the 60s.

All of this is to say that I went to SXSW to see Cy Dune. I didn’t even know that Cy Dune existed before the festival. While on a scouting mission to try to see if I could get into a show by Thee Oh Sees, I blundered into the last few songs by Akron/Family. I was able to stick around long enough to catch up with Miles and Seth; Seth M Olinsky invited me to catch his Cy Dune project a few days later. All I knew was that it would be Seth and as many drummers as he could round up for a one-off performance. And it was glorious. It made the dust fly. At phalanx of drummers with floor toms and cymbals lined two sides of the room. The small audience stood in the middle, while Seth was on the stage with his guitar and six drummers with full kits. No stage lights, no separation between audience and performer. With a wave of a hand the drummers began to sweep the room with repeated patterns. Over the next half hour, the room roared and whispered. It was fluxus and ‘pataphysics and for a short window it looked like the musicians were outside of SXSW. The festival needs madness and improvisation. Cy Dune was like a musical interpretation of Jean Tinguely’s Homage to New York, balancing on the edge of self-destruction. It’s been too long since I’ve been around creative musicians pushing improvisation into new territory. There are no Dan Willems or Bill Zinks in Gainesville to bring together this sort of mash-up of free jazz, experimental classical, noise, and rock– and this sort of work isn’t going on tour. It made my SXSW.