by artofromanzo

Playing with Tatsuya again this week. We’ve done a kids improv workshop in PA together, as well as a duo performance last year in Portland. This time around in Tucson we did his Gong orchestra. Put together a mixed group of 6 musicians and non-musicians. Gathered at the Solar Culture gallery around 5:00 to load in the gongs and learn/rehearse how to bow gongs and follow Tatsuya’s direction. The performance was great. Sounded really incredible. I wish I had some audio or video. Here is a link to another Gong Orchestra performance at the Franklin Art Works in Minneapolis.

Tatsuya also performed a solo set and the gong kids did an improv set to open. Saxophonist Charles Waters (Gold Sparkle Band) happened to be in Tucson working with Barry from Oneida on a cooking show and he came down last minute to play with us on some half broken Clarinet that Ryne from Ohioan came up with.