by artofromanzo

Upon returning from a mexico portland friends wedding / surf trip, where we dreamed of ocean front land to surf and hang and do Land Art – we landed at home in Tucson realizing we already lived on 4 acres in the desert and why wait to start.

And so we settled on building a table on top of our desert hill and then serving dinner on it to our friends in the spirit of Gordon Matta-Clark and Carrol Madding’s FOOD. Ali found the 30 ft 12×2 oak beams on Craigslist and that changed the whole scope of the project. The table became the land art piece itself. Emerging out of the hill in a pile of rocks and extending over our DJ inspired boxes to end at the Ocotillo.

The beams were huge. Too big for my truck and so we had a friend with a moving truck help and then “convinced” Jeff and Chris to help us drag/carry – WILL them up the hill through our day old path that we had made through the cactus and Cholla.

But we made the table and Chris lovingly created 100 tamales 3 sisters chocolate pepper prickly pear fruit and we did have food with friends under the full moon windy deserty cold and fun.